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Uncommon Flair

Flagstone Steppers

Your yard and gardens will come to life with Coldspring’s organic, durable stepping stones. Flagstone steppers give your space visual interest and a rugged feel with the natural, irregular-shaped pattern you accomplish with flagstones. You can also complement and contrast your design with concrete pavers and other hardscape materials as a border or accent, creating an artistic look that suits your style.

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Nature's Palette

Natural Stair Treads

Step into natural beauty, indoors or out, with stone treads available in an assortment of shapes, sizes, thicknesses, and colors. Creative use of natural stone treads in any landscape or hardscape can act as a subtle transition, as well as create cohesiveness from one elevation to next in natural terrains.

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Picturesque & Dreamy

Natural Outcropping

You can create the landscape of your dreams with unique, picturesque outcroppings of natural stone from Coldspring. Embedding natural stone such as limestone or sandstone in a hillside or strategically placed within the landscaping brings to life your outcropping design vision. The vast array of sizes, colors, and types of stone make it the ideal accent in planting beds, natural retaining walls and even rustic steps or stairways.

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Simply Surprising

Natural Wall Stone

Natural wall stone, a quarried or fieldstone material, allows for stunning vertical stacking and design options in your landscape. Wall stone comes in a wide size range that includes garden wall stone, thin wall stone, building stone, and building veneer. Stone walls, fences and other appointments can add distinction to your home, plus they’re surprisingly affordable and maintenance-free.

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Ideal Finishing Touches

Natural Wall Cap

Natural stone wall capping is a unique masonry item designed to provide a protective top surface for any type of wall-like structure, completing a stone feature with an attractive finishing touch. The perfect wall cap is like the icing on a cake, and you’ll find your ideal cap from Coldspring’s wide selection.

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Bringing Color & Texture To Life

Natural Stone Pavers

Natural stone pavers are available in a wide range of materials, from flagstone to granite and others such as travertine. These pavers are carved from the earth, making them incredibly strong and with endless design options. Coldspring’s pavers are available in various colors, textures and patterns to beautify your home’s outdoor spaces while boosting your property’s value.

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stone entryway
Framing That Speaks Volumes

Natural Stone Edgers

You’ll love the look of framing your exterior stone work, gardens and paths with our rugged, top-quality edgers. From cut stone and slate to river rock and granite, Coldspring can work with you to deliver the perfect natural stone edgers that set your landscape apart.

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