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Nothing compares to the beauty and durability of granite. Unlike manmade options, no two pieces of granite are exactly alike. The perfect complement to any design, granite shines for all types of projects. Coldspring granite is borne from the earth, in a palette of rich colors, and shaped by passionate people who turn your vision into reality.

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Simple Stunning


Harder than granite, natural quartzite countertops will live a long beautiful life, free of flaws like scratches and etching, while showcasing the distinct textures only found in a natural stone. For long-lasting durability and timeless style, consider quartzite for your upcoming build.

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Nature's Kaleidoscope


Engineered from stone byproducts, Quartz is a nearly indestructible and extremely durable stone option that brings beauty and easy maintenance to your design. The array of colors and patterns in quartz is vast, and after polishing it takes on a beautiful luster.

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A Distinct Look & Feel


Soapstone brings a gorgeous, soft texture, and unique veining texture to any room. Soapstone never stains because it is non-porous making it the ideal kitchen surface. Discover the warm look and cool feel of soapstone at the Coldspring Maple Grove showroom, in a full spectrum of colors.

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Regal & Rugged


As regal as it is tough, the sheer beauty of marble will transform your home and raise its value. Marble is stunning to look at and is more durable than almost any other stone material. While it can take extra care and maintenance, the transformation marble can bring to any space is second-to-none.

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